Thursday, August 27, 2015


As I reminisce, I keep coming back to Margaret Bassetti. I have had several book signings and my last was another signing at the Salt Lake Airport for my book "More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets," however none have been as touching as my first book signing with Margaret Bassetti.  You might say that this post is a picture scrapbook with a picture worth a whole bunch of words. My desire is that it highlights how  an American Airlines' passenger can become a wonderful friend. Margaret was on my Jan. 25, 1959 Inaugural Flight from Los Angeles to New York, Margaret as a passenger and I as her stewardess. Positive relationships are key to having a friendship. Stewardesses were trained to think of others with a smile, magazine, pillow, blanket, and the spirit of how can I help make your life comfortable. Think of her as your mother.


              Passenger Margaret Bassetti became a dear friend.

Memorial coin from the first Boeing 707 Jet Flight. Margaret made her coin into a necklace.

Boeing 707 Inaugural Flight aircraft as it left Seattle for Los Angeles

Captain  Macatee Inaugural Flight Boeing 707

Boeing 707 first transcontinental jet nonstop trip - crew

Passenger Margaret on the Inaugural Flight

Thank you Margaret for being a very special part of my life.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hello and good morning friends,
I am having sleepless nights because I am excited. My book:  More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets is out there making new friends. As you buy the book and read it, know that I look forward to hearing from you at  Thanks to new and old friends for your comments and telling me what you like about the book. It helps me understand what the reader is enjoying, and as I continue to write my new book: Please Don't Call Me! Dumb, I consider what not only the brain, but the heart, is saying to my words.  The following are a few of the comments which have come my way.

Glenda Rose
I  bought your book in the SLC airport bookstore; my husband and I are private pilots from Connecticut, if you remember.
I read about 75% of your book on the flight to BWI and finished it 2 days after we got home.  I REALLY enjoyed reading about the period of commercial flying during which you were a stewardess when flying was something special unlike the “cattle car” experience of today.  The first time I flew on a plane was in December of 1977 when I flew to SLC with my then husband-to-be (whom you met) so we could get married at his brother’s house in Reno.  It was SO exciting and the stewardesses were so nice.  The only thing I did NOT like was the smoking on-board, so there is one improvement today!
 Thanks again for writing such a fun and interesting book!
 Yours in flight,
   Glenda Rose

Argie , I am so proud of you and of your book that I am in. I keep it on my coffee table and it gets a lot of attention.I am so proud to be in it. God Bless You honey. I am glad I was a part of your life. Wish we could turn back the clock to the good old days.Love You, Gerry

Melissa Turchetta's photo.
A wonderful book about an American Airlines stewardess who served on the nation's first domestic jet flight, rose lemonade, and a beautiful Tuscany candle in "Fresh Linen"!
Please, everyone, get this book. It's wonderfully written by my friend, Argie! She signed it as well.

Argie, your book arrived yesterday and I haven't put it down since! What an amazing story beautifully written! I love all the notes and correspondence. I actually felt your heartache when you put your head on your supervisor's desk in the office requesting to leave!! WoW! Thank you so much for signing it. I will treasure that always. Take good care my friend and thank you for sharing your story.

Fantastic book, Argie; thanks for undertaking the project; it's a keeper!

I've got the book and am enjoying it - great book Argie!

Literary genius you are !!!!!

Anke Ortlepp
Professor of British and North American History at University of Kassel(Germany)

Hi Argie,
I love to use materials like your book in the classes that I teach on the history of travel and the history of air travel. They are an invaluable source to provide personal information to give students a sense of what it was like to work for the airlines and to travel by air.
Happy Holidays,

It'll be of great use in the classroom,
All the best, Anke

Freddie Joe
Argie I have been reading your blog and caused my secretary to stay about 30 minutes late because she is a big American Airlines fan and wanted to see what I was reading/viewing. Congratulations on the new book and all the great nostalgic pictures.

Sonnie Sims

Argie, your book is amazing! I am fascinated by the amount of information and photos you have accumulated and that you were able to compile them in such an interesting way. I have got to sit down and start reading it from the beginning but when I pick it up, I'll open to a page that I can't put down. I can't thank you enough for gifting me with it...but can I at least pay for the postage? I will be sharing it with our luncheon group this Friday.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

The signing on July 3, 2015 was so much fun at the Salt Lake International airport. And I am invited back for another signing on the 27th of July.

Terminal 1 at the Salt Lake airport on July 27th from 9:00 until 12:00 AM at the Weller Book Works.  After you pass Security and before you take the escalator, I will be sitting there to greet you. Of course, you will need a ticket to get through Security!  So have a good flight with a peaceful landing.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MORE THAN A TICKET book signing on the 3rd of July

Good Morning,
It will be fun and I am looking forward to July 3rd, 2015. And where it will be? at the Salt Lake International airport from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon.  I am honored to have a book signing for my book: More Than a Ticket   Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jet.  I would enjoy you dropping by to say "Hi." 

If you are traveling and have a ticket, I will be at Terminal 1. As you go through Security and see the escalator in front of you, to your right on the same level is the Weller bookstore.  I will be at a table in front of the store. And yes! I will have a smile on my face.  Thanks to the bookstore's generous offer, I will be there!


Good Morning Memories!
As I start my day with pondering, seems like I find myself wandering from one emotional thought to another. Wandering in the morning is like trying to wake up and find the best road to journey through a forest. And then it happens!

Boeing 707 Jet which was on the Inaugural Flight
 Yes, today I am thinking of Margaret, my former passenger and now a devoted friend who was on that historical flight of January 25,1959, American Airlines Boeing 707 jet service from Los Angeles to New York. It has been an honor to know Margaret both as a passenger and as a friend. This inaugural flight was exciting and there was Margaret a passenger who was so ecstatic to be on board. This morning I find in my mind the words from her niece who wrote the following:
June 4th, 2015
Auntie Update... Auntie passed away last night. I had the pleasure of being with her, holding her hand, and watching her last peaceful breaths.
Today the world is a different place! It’s missing one of the greatest pioneers that have ever lived! In the last 98 years, Auntie has gone from…
- Horse and buggy on a ranch,
- To the glamour, glitz, and fanfare of a boyfriend on the Swedish Ski team at the 1960 Olympics,
- To traveling with famous movie stars, the world’s top CEOs, and other dignitaries on the first transcontinental jet flight,
- To a reserved spot with the first and most adventurous civilians heading to the moon
- To the center of attention in a book signing party that truly became her celebration of LIFE,
- To a room surrounded with plants, cards, photos, drawings, and heartfelt notes from so many of you.

Her last weeks were an adventure by themselves. So much humor and planning. I will never forget “Saint Fire Extinguisher” and her absolute determination to take a journey on a bus, plane, or train to Acapulco where she planned to sleep in a tent on the beach to save on hotel costs, or to China where she planned to visit my brother Steve and see the magic show, or to the moon for her 100th birthday following flight school, a special suit made by Playtex, and a few modifications to the space capsule so all the people who wanted to could join her. She loved family and friends, and couldn’t wait to be in a 5 generations photo as the matriarch of the family (Auntie, Sr. B, me, Jeff, and his coming daughter). I wanted that photo as much as she did.
Tuesday, Auntie ate ice cream ALL day. She had previously told us “you can’t go to heaven on an empty stomach!!” And there you have that. Last night as Auntie lay there with slower breathing and a visible calmness, the staff at the house and the on-call hospice nurse asked me about Auntie. I told them some stories. It was the perfect tribute, and I had the opportunity to share Auntie with a few more people. They LOVED it, and her!
I’m thinking we all need to eat ice cream and wear yellow and/or blue in Auntie’s honor. Don’t forget the flower in your hair, the matching fingernail polish, and outfit. Please send me your photos!! We’ll put them all up at the memorial. We have not yet planned that, but I promise to share when I know more.
Thanks for allowing me to share Auntie with you, and for taking the journey with us the last few weeks. You are all loved and appreciated. And she did what we all want… she lived life on HER terms, followed her own rules, and went out with class, grace, and style but only when she was good and ready. I will miss her very, very much.

Thank you dear friend and Margaret's niece Lorraine for sharing your love and expressions of tender caring.

 I love you Margaret, my passenger and than more importantly, my friend!  I am missing your interesting and weekly letters with tender thoughts and special articles. Until we meet again, from your stewardess Argie

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I am giving away the book on Amazon and the rules are listed for all to read.   A winner or not will enjoy this delightful book. Happy landings!

Saturday, April 4, 2015



Yes!  We learned more than "Tea, Coffee or Milk?"

We provided many services for our passengers. We hung up coats, helped
place things in the overhead rack, memorized the passengers’ names, passed
out magazines, and offered a pillow and blanket. For emergencies we carried
small oxygen tanks. For babies we had jars of baby food and sometimes Girl
Scout Cookies, and we always had wings or rings for the older children.

On board we had the greatest Girl Scout Cookies to serve our passengers. I
would put the Gerber apple sauce jars in the ice to get nice and chilled. When
we needed a snack we’d eat the Girl Scout Cookies and the chilled apple sauce.
My, oh my, it was tasty!

My friend Claire
giving some children an
American Airlines balloon
and wings.  And notice the ashtray!

For the idle traveler, we could hand them a deck of playing cards to play their 
favorite game, or they could join us in the lounge
at the rear of the plane for some nice conversation. It was wonderful! We
weren’t just servers, but generous, interesting hostesses. Imagine how our passengers
must have felt when they left our home in the sky. They had enjoyed
one brief moment with comfort and attention.

Among the many niceties that we provided were American Airlines stationery
and envelopes. The passengers were able to do any corresponding they
needed done on the plane and give the finished letter to us. We then gave the
written, unstamped items to the agent for mailing—true airmail! 

every passenger had access to some American Airlines stationery that had this
direction on top:

The first passenger letter I received was from a dear, elderly woman named
Clara M. Herring who was nervous about flying for the first time. As the
only stewardess on the flight, I was as tense as Clara was nervous. I felt like
I had this constant inner dialogue playing through my mind, “Am I doing my best."

American Airlines has often been described as the leader in air transportation.
I hope we merit that distinction and will continue to merit it. To do
that we must continue to please you, the customer. Never entirely satisfied
with our service, each day we endeavor to make it better.

If you have suggestions to improve the service, please give us the benefit
of them. If your journey has been pleasant, tell us about it; it will encourage
us. If any individual rendered outstanding service, give me the name
and we will commend him or her for you. We are glad to have you aboard;
I hope that you will travel often with American.

It was always so rewarding and encouraging when the letters were directed
toward me. They validated me as a contributor. Growing up I had been
taught that “it’s not what you get, but what you give that makes you happy.” I
learned first-hand that that is true. One of the most valuable lessons I learned
was to look outward for joy, not inward to be satisfied.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

Last week, I walked into Barnes & Noble to see if their catalog had listed my book:  More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets. 
After asking, the clerk said, "We have the book on our shelves."  Really!

I almost lost my balance.  My book in Barnes & Noble, it couldn't be, but there it was and it really has my name on it!  This is in Orem, Utah. If the book is not on the shelve, they will order it, no matter where the store is located.

I did another Book Talk yesterday with a terrific group called ElderQuest. So impressed with their energy and bright minds to serve the community and continue their education. 

Yesterday, I met two ladies who had flown with Pan Am and a United stewardess as they sat sharing bits of their stories. Many teachers were in the crowd who shared my adventure as a teacher.  This journey of Book Talk has made new friends and when I was invited to speak in a home setting a while ago, I found a friend from the 60s, now retired and wow another thrill.
My path has taken me into groups who are making my book their friend. Sometimes, it has been more than a signing, but actually having a conversation about the culture of the 50s and 60s of airline travel. 

When asked to speak, I wonder what I am going to say in a different way than before, however the group seems to guide me along with their interest while sharing and asking questions. At first, I was not comfortable with questions, but now it is super because I know what people are really interested in hearing about from an old stewardess. Great time! 

Perhaps it is just to see how many wrinkles I have after all the years of living. I have not disappointed them. Yes and for a weight check, also. 

This dear lady, Julia has arranged for me to do the Book Talk twice. Having read and reread, she has been a great supporter for sharing the book.

The book: More Than a Ticket by Argie Hoskins
Book stores and online retailers   Ingram 1-615-793-5000

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Soon!  We will celebrate the Boeing 707 Inaugural Flight of January 25, 1959. I ask myself over and over, "Has it really been 56 years?"  Yes, the years slip by and the memories of that historical flight for American Airlines are as real as the yesterday years. The excitement was stepping from the Propeller powered aircraft to the Jet powered aircraft.  I remind myself that the most of you out there do not know how it was to fly on those wonderful aircraft before the Jet age.
Photo by Jon  Proctor DC-7B
Photo by Bill Proctor Convair 240

Photo by Jon Proctor   DC-6

Yes, there was time to learn our guests names, hang 
coats, have a pillow in hand along with a blanket, 
pass out magazines, hug babies, and welcome them 
again and again with the same hospitality.

Then came the beautiful Boeing 707 for us to learn 
a new way of life. 

This photo was taken by Jon Proctor  
Boeing 707


Captain Macatee

This was the day January 25, 1959

Jane put on my 
flight topper 
and helped me
serve the meal. 
So fun!
She was the 
actress in the 
movie:  Three
Guys named
She played the
AA stewardess.

Peaceful and Happy Landings
from Argie Hoskins

Flagship California design Phillip Nicholson
Gratefully for all who read this history