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Celebrity Passengers

VIP passengers before jet service:

Marge and Gower Champion
A happy day! Everything went well. They were so personable. I can see their smiling faces still as they conversed with the stewardesses. On board we not only had the Champions, but we had the greatest Girl Scout cookies to serve our passengers. I put the Gerber apple sauce jars, which were always on the plane, in the ice to get nice and chilled. When we needed a snack. . . don't tell! Just buy Girl Scout cookies and chill the apple sauce and my, oh, my.
Marge Champion at IMDB
Marge Champion at Wikipedia

Gower Champion at IMDB
Gower Champion at Wikipedia

Robert Goulet
He was so easy to visit with on that late evening flight.
Robert Goulet at IMDB
Robert Goulet at Wikipedia

Vic Damone
What a voice! The other stewardess brought a baseball on every flight for the VIP passengers to sign. He signed it. What a novel idea for remembering what I have forgotten. I would imagine she has fun with that collection.
Vic Damone at IMDB
Vic Damone at Wikipedia

Dinah Shore
Another phenomenal 1959 voice with a warm personality and delightful to have around was Dinah Shore. What I remember about her was her contagious smile.
Dinah Shore at IMDB
Dinah Shore at Wikipedia

Harry Belaforte
I know that most everyone knows who Harry Belaforte is from his talent which he has spread around for all to enjoy.
Harry Belaforte at IMDB
Harry Belaforte at Wikipedia

Dana Andrews
Got on the plane and immediately crawled under his seat and went to sleep. I gave him a pillow for more comfort. That was before the jet days and all the stuff under the seats. He slept until I woke him to sit up and belt up. He was nice.
Dana Andrews at IMDB
Dana Andrews at Wikipedia

Gene Tierney
One evening, I boarded American Airline in El Paso to find one of the most beautiful and troubled ladies I ever met. After the seat belt sign went off, she walked up and down the isle of the plane all the way to L.A. I asked her if I could help and she told me that she was ill, had a handicapped child and that she was very discouraged with her life. Her presence made me very sad. She was so beautiful and tender.
Gene Tierney on IMDB
Gene Tierney on Wikipedia

Robert Cope
I was flying from L.A. to El Paso. One day an agent asked if they could take my picture with the actor named Robert Cope. After the photo scene, the agent said, “Give me your address and we will send a copy of the picture.” I never got the picture and I don't know anything about Robert Cope. Who was Robert Cope? Perhaps Robert and the other guy bet if they could get my address and their story worked. Oh, well!

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins

Dean Martin
Dean was an actor with John Wayne in the film Rio Bravo. From L. A., he was traveling back and forth to the Old Tucson Studios, just outside Tucson, Arizona. I was working the flight from L.A. to El Paso. At that time A.A. had a stop in Tucson. We became more than passenger and stewardess. Of course, I knew his name, but he knew my name. We visited, laughed, connected with energy to make the relationship real. During a conversation, he said, "You will never be a singer because you talk through your nose." The nerve! I practiced talking. He said, "You won't make it." He invited me out to the Old Tucson set. Could not make it. He invited me to Las Vegas to the Sands Hotel where he was going to be on a certain date for an engagement. Did not go. Many times, a Mr. Grey was with him on the plane. He introduced him as his agent. Any way, I loved getting to know Dean Martin. Once he told me that he drove by the Temple on Santa Monica and that if he weren't what he is, he would be the same religion as I. Dean said, "My drinking image of being a drunk is only that, an image." Dean was a kind, sensitive gentleman with a tender heart. Thank you for your "one of a kind" voice.
Dean Martin at IMDB
Dean Martin at Wikipedia

Dale Robertson
I flew to El Paso a lot. One evening, flying back from El Paso to L. A., I boarded to find a problem with one of the passengers. She had gotten on the flight in Houston. Her story to me was that she had fallen in love with a man not of her faith. They had met in Europe that summer and planned a marriage. She had gone to Houston to meet his parents. While visiting, the parents announced that they would disown their son if he married her. Arranging for a friend in L.A to meet her, the love of her life put her on the plane bound for L.A. She had taken a lot of pills, was very despondent and filled with tears. About half way to L.A., she got up and came to the buffet where I had positioned myself across the isle from where she was sitting. Dale Robertson was sitting in the seat in front of the buffet. The lady lunged for the door of the plane and pushed me. Immediately, Dale came to my rescue. Helping me get the lady back to her seat and sat with her the rest of the trip. The crew radioed ahead for help with her on departing the plane. Dale is another passenger who I got to know on a casual level. Often , he flew on American Airlines to go to the horse races at the Ruidoso Downs Race Track. Another really nice man. From this experience I learned the lesson that religion can destroy relationships as well as welding relationships. So sad!
Dale Robertson at IMDB
Dale Robertson at Wikipedia

Maureen O'Hara
I don't remember much about this beautiful lady. I didn't have much conversation with her. The one thing that I remember is the energy which I felt as she walked down the isle. There was nothing passive about her demeanor. I felt she was in charge. And I might add lovely!
Maureen O'Hara at IMDB
Maureen O'Hara at Wikipedia

Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd was a young actor when he boarded American Airlines to be on my flight. He was one of the first actors I had on board. He seemed shy to me. I will always remember him because I felt like I wanted to know him as a person. Back in the days when I was flying, not only did we take down the names of our passengers, but we figured out ways to talk to them. We engaged them in conversation, tied the conversation to our memories. So when or if we had them on our flight again, we had something to talk about for an opener. One thing however we did not sit on the arm of the seat. I got reminded of that from a supervisor one time as she observed me sitting on the arm of the seat visiting with a passenger. I didn't get an invitation to visit with the strong, handsome Stephen Boyd. I must close this by saying that I did get a sideward smile as the seat belt sign went on for the landing.
Stephen Boyd at IMDB
Stephen Boyd at Wikipedia

Hope Lange
About the same time that I had Stephen Boyd on a flight, I had Hope Lange. In fact, memory tells me that it was the same flight. She was a few years older then I, however she looked somewhat younger. And now she is gone. Where has all the time gone???? She had a sweet personality and I enjoyed her being on the plane.
Hope Lange at IMDB
Hope Lange at Wikipedia

Gene Fullmer
This boxer was so nice. We had something in common, our religion. It was fun visiting with him.
As a side note, my son Randy and Gene's nephew Troy are good friends.
Gene Fuller a IMDB
Gene Fullmer at Wikipedia

Lee Marvin
As Lee Marvin was deplaning, an older lady was having trouble getting herself together to get off the plane. Without hesitation, he didn't just offer, but took her arm, her things, and away they went. She was pleased, I was a gentleman in action. I thought, "This is the aggressive, rough actor?" He is a dear man.
Lee Marvin at IMDB
Lee Marvin at Wikipedia

Pier Angeli
She was on her way to Juarez, Mexico to get a divorce from Vic Damone. That is what she told me when I visited with her. She was sad with her green eyes, looking even more green with tears. Very, very pretty lady! I often felt like crying after visiting with sad people. I just cared the best I could for the few minutes that I had with them. She was kind.
Pier Angeli at IMDB
Pier Angeli at Wikipedia

Other VIPs that I remember little about:

Jayne Mansfield
I remember thinking, "Another Marilyn Monroe, more glamours." I felt sad when she was killed in an auto accident.
Jayne Mansfield at IMDB
Jayne Mansfield at Wikipedia

Herb Shriner and wife
Herb Shriner at IMDB
Herb Shriner at Wikipedia

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins
Argie Hoskins and Gary Crosby (Bing's son)
Palladium Ballroom Sunset Blvd.

Jane Russell
When I had Jane Russell on the flight, I was still shy about talking to VIPs. During taking the names and destinations, all I could do was smile and give my best service. I learned that service was the foundation of relationships. Then you can talk. If the passengers were not on the VIP list, it was easy for me to visit. Somewhat later, I realized that we are more alike than different. And everyone, no matter who, wants the pillow to be offer, not to have to ask for it.
Jane Russell at Wikipedia

Billy Eckstine
Now this was exciting because Billy Eckstine's music was my kind of music from jazz to pop. I grew up with country music when country was country, but my new world had introduced me to another venue and I loved jazz, big band and pop. Speaking of venue, one evening I had a date who privileged me to the Moulin Rouge on Sunset Blvd where Schmo, Lewis Armstrong was playing. Schmo sang right in my face. What a thrill! Another time we went some place to listen to Dixieland jazz. Yes, it was exciting to have Billy Eckstine on my flight.
Billy Eckstine at Wikipedia

An exciting day for Jet travel! American Airlines Inaugural Flight!
I am fifth from the left. Yes, there I am. My roommate Claire Bullock is second from the right.

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins

January 25, 1959 If you know any of the crew members, please put their names on the blog. My room mate Claire Bullock passed away.

American Airlines Jet Celebrity Passengers

Inaugural 707 Jet Flight American Airlines
Passenger Manifest
Flight 2 January 25, 1959


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adamson
Robert Adamson
Aviation Department, Shell Oil Co.

Alcott, Carrell
CBS Radio News

Babcock, C. Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Binns
Joseph Binns
Exec. V. P. Waldorf Hotel

Mr. and Mrs. Bull
Frank Bull
Sports Announcer

NBC Monitor

Clark, Wilbur
Owner, Desert Inn Hotel
Las Vegas

Collins, W. C.
Pres. of Northrop Aircraft

Dreyfuss, Henry

Epley, M
Long Beach Press Telegram

Fowler, Will
AAL Public Relations

Frabutt, J. A.
Pres. Int'l Telephone and Telegraph

Fry, Charles
V. P. Austin-Field-Fry

Grainger, I
Pres. Cera Exchange Bank N. Y.

Metz, Rex

Mrs. Cordel Hicks
L. A. Times

Hogan, William
Sr. V. P. Treasurer, AAL

Jacome, Alex
Pres. Jacome Dept. Store

Jamison, Frank G.
Pres. Pacific Automation

Kirk, J. Paul
Pres. Morris P. Kirk Co.

Kraugh, E. D.
L. A. Herald Express

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Lastfogel
Abe Lastfogel
Pres. William Morris Agency

Miss Maryon Lears
Merchandise Mgr. Silverweeds

Levitan, Paul
CBS T.V. News

Dr. and Mrs. Majer
Robert Majer

Mr. and Mrs. Mytinger
Lee Mytinger
Corp. Sec'y and CoOwner Mytinger and CasselBerry

Mr. and Mrs. M. Pollard
M. Pollard
Airport Commissioner L. A.

Power, A. H.
Partner Ernst and Ernst

Reiger, Henry
United Press

Pres. American Airlines

Smitter, Revel H.
Sales Mgr. Waugh Engineering

Mr. and Mrs. Stabler
R. A. Stabler
Pres. Filmasters, Inc.

Stanton, Dr. Frank
Pres. CBS

Stewart, Sam
Coplay Newpapers

Stoneham, Herace
Pres. San Francisco Giants

Summer, William
Pasadena Star News & Independent

Thomas, Bill
L. A. Mirror News

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Weber
Karl Weber
Chair of BD. Weber Aircraft

Weis, Elmer J.
Exec. V. P. Pacific Pumps, Inc.

Winnett, P. G.
Chair of BD. Bullocks

Mrs. G. Wright
89 years of age

Mr. Wright, G.

Miss Jane Wyman
This was the world of show business on Flight 2. Miss Wyman was filmed wearing my flight duster. Flight dusters were worn while serving a meal. We had our choice as a crew to either wear or not wear the duster. It made a more appropriate dress for the food service. One, of the important reasons for the cover up, was that it kept the uniform clean. It was flattering to me that she wore the same size duster. I still have it, minus the belt, in my closet. Jane's company was pleasant to be around. Jane played the part of an American Airline Stewardess in the movie, "Three Guys named Mike." As a side note, she was married to President Ronald. Reagan.
Jane Wyman at IMDB
Jane Wyman at Wikipedia

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Wallichs
Glen Wallichs
Pres. Capital Records


Dr. Clark Millikan
Cal Tech


Barnett, L
Pres. Music Corp. of American

Barnett, Mrs. L
Barnett, L
2 1/2 year Son

Barnett, Norman
V. P. Barnett Int'l Forwarders

Bassetti, Miss M.

Bath, Phil
AAL Photographer

Berlin, Franklin G.
Pres. Beemak Plastics

Blodgett, Robert
AA Admiral

Bowers, H. E.
Exec. J. E. Haddock Co.

Buller, E.
Mayor Atwater,

Burgess, Wm. H.
Electronic Specialty Co.

Burgess, Mrs. Wm. H.

Caverly, R. J.
Hd. Int'l Div. Hilton Hotels

Christophenson, Enoch
Past Mayor
Turlock, California

Clever, Dr. Walter
Optometrist & Designer

Clever, Mrs. Walter

Elmore, John
Prominent Farmer
Brawley, California

Feitler, Michael
Manager Oakland Realty Co.

Galloway, Neal
Merced County

Gore, W. L.
V. P. Aerojet Corp.

Gundell, G.
V. P. Nat'l Dairy Association

Haag, Mrs. E. H.
Wife, Sales Mgr. Air Products Co.

Harris, John H.
Pres. of Ice Capades

Havas, Gilbert
Cr. Analyst Bank of America

Johnson, R. M.
West. Reg. Mgr. Gen'l Controls

Jones, Dr. J. B.
Pres. Abundavita

Jones, Mrs. Dee

Koda, Wm.
Rice Grower, Worlds Largest

Koda, Mrs. Wm

Larkin, Mr. Fritz
V. P. Security Bank

Lavender, Mr. G.
Railway Express Driver

Little, Mr. Lee
Radio KTVC

Nat'l Dairy Association

MacMorris, David
DCA Eastern Rep. Sunstrand Turbo Div.

McGrew, Wayne
V. P. Partlow Co.
E. Hartford, N. Y.

O'Conner, N.
V. P. N. W. Ayer & Son

Parkinson, Allen
Pres. Sleep-Eze Co., Inc.

Partlow, Howard Jr.
Pres. Partlow Co.
E. Hartford, N. Y.

Patterson, Lawrence E.
Pres. Pepsi Cola
Santa Ana

Ray, Jack
V. P. Sales - Gen'l Controls

Rubel, E. E.
Partner - Roemer & Rubel Buick

Rubin, M.
Pres. California Jersey Mills

Smith, Russell
Pres. Avery Label

Stebbins, Roger
Pacific Coast Exec. - Sears

AA Operation Service

Toner, Miss Alice
Nurse - Larry Barnett Family

Watson, T.
V. P. N.W. Ayer & Son
N. Y.

Way, Gordon
V. P. Bechtel

Willett, Bernard
V. P. Space Tech. Lab. - Greenwich Div.

Wolff, John
Sales Mgr., Heating Gen'l, Control

Froglich, Dr. J.
Jet Propulsion



I know that every flight had the most wonderful people walking through our doors. And now the names of most are long forgotten. Thank you for flying American Airlines, it was a pleasure to serve you.

VIP Passengers after the initial Jet flight

Helen Keller
I consider having been touched by her life, a privilege indeed.
The Helen Keller story is so inspirational. She made a difference in the paths she crossed. As she got off the plane, I thought about what it means to see and hear. When I am feeling down, I think of her, an example for all of us who whine. Oh, American Airlines, thank you for letting me fly with you!
Helen Keller at IMDB
Helen Keller at Wikipedia

Ricardo Montalban

Very good looking and suave. He didn't talk a lot.
Ricardo Montalban at IMDB
Ricardo Montalban at Wikipedia

Alfred Hitchcock
He asked me to get him change for a $20.00 bill to pay for his taxi cab after the flight.
Alfred Hitchcock at IMDB
Alfred Hitchcock at Wikipedia

Hugh O'Brian
He is my “could have” opportunity to date an actor.
This is how it all happened. I had been to a stake conference in Westchester, California where Charlotte Sheffield spoke.
Charlotte Sheffield (born c. 1937) was Miss USA 1957.

Sister Sheffield spoke of her escort Hugh O'Brian, who had graciously respected her standards as they attended many events associated with the Miss USA festivities. She spoke of him as being a gentleman.

Well, straight from the conference I went to the airport for my assignment to New York on the wonderful new jet, Boeing 707. On the VIP list, that we got as the flight crew, was Hugh O'Brian's name.

When I took his name, I told him that I had just heard Charlotte Sheffield tell the congregation what a gentleman he was. That was back in the days when the stewardess checked names and took names of passengers. We conversed over the coincidence of here he was on my flight to New York.

The cocktail service brought another surprise. I offered and he said, “Since today is Mormon day, I will have tomato juice.”

Then the age old question, “Would you like tea, coffee or milk?”

“Milk” was the returned answer.
We were having fun. After the meal service Hugh came to the buffet area and visited. He was on his way to New York to judge the Miss Rheingold Beer contest. He said that he had some time while there and would like to call me and we could get together. I was excited.

After the crew got our transportation ready to go to our hotel, the Plaza at Fifth Ave and Central Park, I got my knitting out for the trip into the city. As I sat there knitting, the captain said, “Who in this car is that man trying to get their attention?” I looked up and there he was waving and looking at me. All the way to town, we played the game. Hugh and Argie

Hugh O'Brian was a real gentleman!

When I was teaching at Waianae High in Hawaii, I heard that he had done something for the youth in Hawaii. Memories!
Hugh O'Brian at IMDB
Hugh O'Brian at Wikipedia

Lucille Ball
I worked the trip on the day before the Oscars from New York to L. A. and on the late night trip after the Oscars, I worked the trip back to New York. I had a lot of important movie people on the trips. Going and coming, I had Lucille Ball. She was a neat lady. After having one trip with her, she acted like we were old friends. The night back to New York, she took me up and down the isles introducing me to the passengers she knew and she knew many of them. That was a blast! Lucille Ball introduced me to the president of ABC films, Henry Plitt, who invited me to come to his office to see him. He said that I reminded him of the actress Carolyn Jones. I didn't think I looked like her. Never went! I didn't know about networking???? Mr. Henry Plitt was a gentleman with manners that showed respect.

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins
Henry Plitt, President of ABC Films Lucille Ball introduced Argie Hoskins to this gentleman.

Lucille Ball at IMDB
Lucille Ball at Wikipedia

Danny Kaye
Mitch Miller
This man saved our bacon. Bless him! Here we are in the first class section of American Airlines Boeing 707. It was a beautiful, happy day and we had Danny Kaye and Mitch Miller, the band leader on board the flight to New York. We had checked everything that needed to be checked, we thought! We sat down across from some passengers. Up, up into the sky we went and down, down the isle rolled the rolls, the silverware, and salt and pepper. Oh, glory! We were sooooo embarrassed! It could have been the end of American Airlines stewardess on that flight. When the seat belt sign turned off, Danny Kaye absolutely turned the place into "party time." He danced up and down the isle helping us pick up the rolling stuff. Continuing to help, into the buffet area he went with us. It was one of the best trips I ever had! The passengers love it. Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade, it happened.
Danny Kaye at IMDB
Danny Kaye at Wikipedia
Mitch Millere at Wikipedia

Van Cliburn
The setting was in Mercury Section of the 707. He sat on the left side of the plane facing the cockpit near the buffet area. We visited. He asked me where I was from, to which I replied, "Animas Valley, New Mexico." We were flying from the East to L.A. Van Cliburn summoned me and pointed, "You are from down there." He was right. If we were to fly due south, there Animas would be in all the glory of an arid desert. How did he know where Animas was and why did he point it out? He was interested in the world and connected with it. A very special artist. He can paint a picture with music that touches the soul. I knew him to be a great pianist during the years I was flying the 707. Every time I hear the notes of Liszt, I think of Van Cliburn. Every time I think of Van Cliburn, I think of Liszt. Thank you Van Cliburn for knowing where Animas is on the map of the world.
Van Cliburn at IMDB
Van Cliburn at Wikipedia

Jerry Lewis
He and his balloons entertained the crowd in the Mercury Section with childlike behavior. He kept everyone laughing as he entertained himself. It was always nice to have an entertainer on board. The trip went faster and the crowd loved it. Thank you Jerry Lewis for bringing a smile to many people here and there.
Jerry Lewis at IMDB
Jerry Lewis at Wikipedia

Jackie Cooper
In reading my journal, I just found another passenger who was on my flight. Jackie Cooper was a really nice person to board American Airlines. He was a real person.
Jackie Cooper IMDB
Jackie Cooper Wikipedia

Leo Durocher
It was fun to have Leo Durocher on my flight because his wife Laraine Day was in my Sunday School class at church.
Leo Durocher Wikipedia

Max Shulman
Having a desire to someday write "something" and to have it meaningful to myself and others is a talent that I respect. And there he was on my flight! Loved it!
Max Shulman Wikipedia
Max Shulman IMDB

Charles Schulz
Charles Schulz was one of my favorite passengers because he interacted with the world around him. He had the gift of connecting with his very presence by just being there. He reached out in an engaging way that I knew that he was watching the world in an interesting way. Thanks Charles Schulz for bringing us a taste of how you saw our world. I would really like to know how Charles Schulz viewed flying. He could explained life in a way that none other could. I am pleased that I had the opportunity of saying, "Thank you Mr. Schulz for flying with America Airlines."
Charles Schulz Wikipedia

"Howie" Howard Laitin
Enjoyed some jazz spots together. I love jazz and Howie was fine company for an evening "out on the town."

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins
Barbara Whaley, Gerry McMasters, Claire Bullock, Argie Hoskins
Christmas 1958 on Kerwood Ave. near what was known as Century City studio.

From American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess Argie Hoskins
50 years later: Argie Hoskins


Reneers in Nebraska said...

Wow! That's a lot of info. Thanks for sharing!

Gene said...

Argie, I love your blog! This piece on American Airlines gives ready access to a valuable piece of airline history as well as your personal experiences while flying with them. I especially enjoyed your stories, along with your running commentary about some of the celebrities on your various flights, as well as this historic transcontinental jet flight. This adds color and interest with unique sidelights not elsewhere available.

The precious part of your blog for me, however, is the introduction to your personal world. I trust that this airline blog will be linked to subsequent blogs which unfold the broader story along with your commentary about the world which you inhabit. I'm eager to watch it unfold. Gene

Karin Myers said...

Aunt Argie, this was fantastic! My son and I have spent the last 45 minutes reading everything, it was so darn interesting! Thanks a ton for posting this and sharing this!
Love, Karin (and Connor)

argie hoskins shumway said...

Karin dear,

Thank you for your comment. I knew that Connor would be right there with you learning all that he can learn.

Love to you!
Aunt Argie

Nal said...

Argie, I love your blog! It is so fun to look at all of the pictures and read of your stories as a stewardess! I can't believe you flew with so many famous people. That's really neat!

Anonymous said...

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please add me

Argie Hoskins Shumway said...

Nal, Thanks for dropping by to take a look. This has been fun. Argie

AirBeagle said...


Thank you for sharing all this with the rest of us. Although I wasn't born 'til 1963, you still struck a chord with me. I was born and raised in southeastern New Mexico (Roswell) and grew up going to the old Walker Air Force Base to watch Pan American and Boeing flight test the first 747s. I've been a fan of airliners and flight crews ever since. Also, your family reminds me of my own (my mother's parents moved to Roswell in 1947) and I'm proud to be a native New Mexican.

I especially enjoyed all of the memorabilia you've added to the site. Terrific! I hope you keep posting ...

Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. My friend Buz Burris was from around Roswell. Having gone to N.M.A&M, I have had friends from around your area. Take a look at my Argie Hoskins Southwestern New Mexico blog. If you like, add your own story. Thanks again for visiting.
Argie Hoskins

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Hoskins:

Just came across your wonderful (blog? web-
site?) This brought back so many wonderful
memories. I am 54 years old and remember when
flying was in its "heyday," the late 1950's to
the early 1970's. During that time, flying
was truly something special. People dressed
up to fly. Service in "tourist" was almost
what it is in "First Class" now. Flight
Attendants gave excellent individual attention
and service to all passengers.

Some Memories:
I have lived in Tallahassee, Florida since
1959. From the early sixties until the early
seventies, the two major carriers that served
Tallahassee were National and Eastern. To go
anywhere, you almost always had to fly to
Atlanta to change planes. The old joke around
Tallahassee has always been "even if you've
died and gone to heaven, you still have to
change planes in Atlanta." The first time I
flew was in the summer of 1962. Daddy was
dressed in a nice business suite. Mother was
dressed in her best "Jackie Kennedy" ensemble.
I was dressed in a little blue suit with short
pants. (I hated it!) Upon boarding, the "stewar
dess" squatted down to talk to my sister and I
face to face. She said "we're so glad you're
flying with us today." I received a "junior
pilot" pin and my sister received a "junior
stewardess" pin. (Well, this was 1962--) I
remember some man had the nerve to wear shorts
and one of the "stewardesses" remarked to
another "will you just look at that man--It's
a shame he doesn't know how to dress to fly!"
(Can you believe we actually lived during times
like that?) We flew to Oklahoma City and then
rented a car to drive to my mother's mothers'
house in Ponca City. Some years later (1970)
I flew alone directly into Ponca City using
Frontier Airlines--remember them? Having flown
several times between 1962 and 1970, this was
the first time (aboard Frontier) that I was
served by a black "stewardess." She was a
lovely woman. I wish I could remember her
name. I just loved the Atlanta Airport (the
1961-1980 version). It's ultramodern archi-
tecture really expressed the wonder and beauty
of flying as well as the general optimism of
that time. The new airport (1980- ) is nice
but just isn't the same. Of course, flying is
not at all what it used to be, with a few
exceptions (such as Virgin America).

You mentioned meeting Hugh O'Brian. Did you
know Mr. O'Brian starred in one of my favorite
movies of all time "Come Fly With Me" (1963).
He played the part of a pilot named Ray Win-
sley. Have you seen this film? (It is owned
by Turner Classic Movies and they have shown it
several times.) The film was about the work
and romantic adventures of three "stewardesses"
Carol (actress Pamela Tiffin), Donna (actress
Dolores Hart) and Hilda Bergstom "Bergie"
(actress Lois Nettleton). The exterior scenes
were filmed in the airports of New York
(Kennedy), Paris (Orly), and Vienna (I can't
remember how to spell it!). If you have not
seen this film, I recommend it highly. If you
don't have a DVD copy, I will send you a copy
of mine free, if you would like. Also, I came
across a wonderful little book entitled
"Stewardess: Come Fly With Me" several years
ago. The author is Elyssa Stein. It contains
some very interesting photographs of stewar0
desses and flight attendants over the years
as well as other airline memorabilia. I
recommend it highly.

Thank you so much for posting this (website?
blog?) How wonderful that you kept so many
things from your career over the years. One
of my other hobbies is family history and
genealogy. I am the person in my family that
always thinks of keeping and archiving a large
number of items related to our family's history
for reference by future generations. I am a
kindred spirit in that regard.

I hope that you add some more things to your
(website? blog?) I will look forward to
reading more in the future.


Lee A. Smith
Tallahassee, Florida

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Hoskins:

A few more memories shared with with me by a
friend of mine, a physician's widow who lives
around the corner from me. She flew on TWA
Boeing 707's from 1961 until 1965 when she
married. She flew out of the Eero Saarinen
designed TWA terminal at Idlewild (later
Kennedy). Did you ever visit it during your
career? It had beautiful views, georgous
ultrmodern 1960's design, and "lipstick red"
carpeting. My friend wore a cap and gloves.
Food was cooked to order. (Some things are
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nintly not, are they?)

One other thing:
Last year, I saw an ad in "Vanity Fair"
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the play "Boeing, Boeing" on Broadway. (The
film version (1965) starred Jerry Lewis.) This
revival version was generally well received
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both in plot and costumes reflect the heyday
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Once again, thank you.

Lee A. Smith
Tallahassee, Florida

Anonymous said...

We just came across your blog while looking up my mother Charlotte Sheffield. I hope it's okay if I copy the story of Hugh O'Brien as we are putting together her history. She is here at my house working with us to put it all together.
She laughed at the story. Thanks for posting it.
Mindy Mitchell

Anonymous said...

Hi Argey,

My husband and I are retirees of American Airlines, and always have been very proud to have had the "priviledge" to have worked for AA. I just happened up on your blog by looking
for AA ORD Terminal map, would you believe!!
I loved your experiences with the stars as I have always been starstruck with celebrities.
My husband and myself have had some dealings with celebrities being in the business, but nothing like you have had.
I am going to send your journal off to our president of our AA Vangards Club and pass this around for our other retirees to read.
Very enjoyable reading!!!

I do have to say, my husband and I have been married now for 7 yrs and if he had not worn the AA Eagle pin on his cap the day I met him,
we would never have met. AA brought us together. Total service to AA was 67 yrs between myself and my husband!

We will always be proud of AA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless,
Joy Burack

argie hoskins shumway said...

Hi Joy, Thanks for your comment. I have been super busy and tonight is the first time in months that I looked at my blog. My intent is to put more of my journal on my blog to celebrate the 51st year since the start of the jet age with the 707. Yes, we will always be proud of AA! Thanks soooo much for your sharing. Happy New Year! Argie Hoskins

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But, i's fun to see all of your info.
Beth Macatee Snyder

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