Thursday, October 17, 2013


American Airlines' Passenger Argie Hoskins Shumway flying to Hawaii.  As the years have come and gone, I am pleased to say that I enjoy a ride on American Airlines.  The years have changed the way that travel presents itself.  I believe that I enjoyed the Golden years of flying. I have ventured to write a book More Than A Ticket which attempts to tell it like it was from Props to Jets. This book will be only the beginning of telling a story about the time when I loved every minute of being in the clouds of time.  To order the book:  It will be out by January 25, 2014, the day to celebrate the first Boeing 707 from Los Angeles to New York. I was a stewardess on that historical Flight 2. My book is what it is, a story about memories of a few stewardesses who thank American Airlines for the opportunity to be on a team with terrific individuals. The team was the best of the best!  Grateful to American Airlines.