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                                                     AUTHORED BY ARGIE HOSKINS

Thanks for taking a look.  You will enjoy my book.  American Airlines 707 Jet Stewardess
Post: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets

More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets
Table of Contents 


Part One: My Life as a Stewardess 
Chapter 1:   A Young Girl from Animas Valley
Chapter 2:   Following My Restless Spirit
Chapter 3:   Stewardess School
Chapter 4:   Grooming for Graduation  
Chapter 5:   First Flights  
Chapter 6:   A Visit Home
Chapter 7:   Based in and Flying from Los Angeles
Chapter 8:   VIP Passengers before Jet Travel 
Chapter 9:   The First Jet Flight 
Chapter 10:  Four Friends for the Jets 
Chapter 11:  VIP Passengers after Jet Travel 
Chapter 12:  Final Flights
Part Two: On Wings of Time 
Willis Heath Proctor: PILOT AND TRAINER, 1927–1957  
Roy G. Jacobson: MECHANIC AND FLIGHT ENGINEER, 1941–1984 
MaryLou Parkes Whipple: SECRETARY AND STEWARDESS, 1955–1959 
Audrey Radziwon McGinty: STEWARDESS, 1957–1967, 1972–1976 
Gerry McMasters Lockhart: STEWARDESS, 1957–1959 
Polly Harlan Viertel: STEWARDESS, 1957–1958 
Joan Scofield Sheldon STEWARDESS, 1959–1961  
Margaret Bassetti: PASSENGER, JANUARY 25, 1959  
Robert Cawley: PASSENGER  
Diane Miller Engelskirger: STEWARDESS, 1961–1966  
Judi Stilwell Martino: STEWARDESS, 1963–1968

Tony Vallillo: CAPTAIN, 1977–2008  
Contributors Pictures
Argie’s Challenges for Success 

Over 250 pictures by impressive  professional photographers and personal pictures by contributors.

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More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets

I have dedicated these words with love and respect to my flying friends. This book is an expression of appreciation for the community of American Airlines. A community which was my world in the 1950s. 

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"No one has ever become poor by giving." Anne Frank

“More Than a Ticket   Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets” authored by Argie Hoskins 

Cover: Boeing has given permission to use their photo of the new Boeing 707 leaving Seattle for Los Angeles for the Inaugural Flight. That photo is on the cover with me in my brown 1957 American Airlines uniform. I was on the Boeing 707 Jet Inaugural Flight on January 25, 1959. 

This book welcomes the reader with snapshots during the golden age of flying from carrying mail to a time when excited passengers were treated as guests and everyone dressed in their Sunday best to board American Airlines. It is engaging and appreciated.We served the flying public with much, much "More Than a Ticket." We had time to hang coats, learn names, have a conversation, serve a delicious meal and hold babies. You will feel the excitement of times gone by and get a glimpse of how the atmosphere of air travel has changed through the years. The drama of time has created a different picture. 

My book "More Than a Ticket"
Part one: "My Life as a Stewardess," takes the reader on a journey with a shy country girl to the city, but she is still a country girl as she becomes a confident stewardess serving all passengers, including the rich and famous, making everyone feel at home. How did she do it?

Part two: "On Wings of Time," features short stories from American Airlines stewardesses, pilots, flight engineers, and passengers. Both the young and old, casual readers and aviation enthusiasts will be delighted with these memoirs from the contributors. 

Stewardess Argie, "Am I cut out for this job?" “They say I am Dyslexic and with a sequencing challenge.” However, "I did it!" "Make friends with your cognitive gifts that once felt like monsters." (Stewardess on American Airlines Boeing 707 jet service inaugural jet flight across the country and also did public relations work for American Airlines.) 

Jon, son of pilot Heath Proctor, "My father was a pioneer airmail pilot." "Dad’s AA retiree ID card, with employee number 02 on it!" (Father is deceased.) 

Curt, son of AA mechanic and later a Flight Engineer Roy Jacobson, "I'll never forget the smell of jet fuel." "We would go through the hangars and look at the planes." (Father is deceased.) 

Stewardess MaryLou, "A secretarial job opened a few miles from home with American Airlines' engineering office which I took and loved. I never wanted to leave." (MaryLou was on the Electra team and subsequently became an AA stewardess.) 

Stewardess Audrey, "Once a stewardess, always a stewardess." (Flew as a “stewardess” and then as a “flight attendant.”) 

Stewardess Gerry, "I was really nervous when I arrived because the other girls waiting to be interviewed were wearing business suits, high heels, gloves, and some were wearing hats. I was wearing a broomstick skirt and sandals." (Housemate who flew on Boeing 707s with me.) 

Stewardess Polly, “Interviews are over, and besides, you aren’t the type.” (Polly became an outstanding Stewardess.) 

Stewardess Joan, "Important faces stood out in the crowd." "Jet fate." (Face in the crowd was a younger man who  became her husband.)

Passenger Margaret, now age 97, "I thought he was getting a little too friendly (taxi cab driver.”) 

Passenger Bob, "I don’t know what I mumbled, but when the plane started to roll forward to take off, she sat down beside me, smiled, and one of her soft hands covered my gripping knuckles, and we were off and flying." (Bob had been a passenger in two near misses before this flight.) 

Stewardess Diane, "I told him that I would meet him at the gate. After we finished deplaning, I thought to myself, 'Did I do the right thing?'” (A passenger without a ride to his home near where Diane lived.) 

Stewardess Judi, "... meeting President Kennedy and then my husband are hard to top! (Husband was a famous singer/actor.) 

Engineer to Captain Tony, "There were no real flight simulators in those Pleistocene days, so all of the flight training for the new jets was done in the airplane." (Tony was responsible for training AA jet pilots.) 

Somewhere in the clouds of time, we met, embraced, and parted. Moments remembered from here to eternity. —Argie