Thursday, January 22, 2015


Soon!  We will celebrate the Boeing 707 Inaugural Flight of January 25, 1959. I ask myself over and over, "Has it really been 56 years?"  Yes, the years slip by and the memories of that historical flight for American Airlines are as real as the yesterday years. The excitement was stepping from the Propeller powered aircraft to the Jet powered aircraft.  I remind myself that the most of you out there do not know how it was to fly on those wonderful aircraft before the Jet age.
Photo by Jon  Proctor DC-7B
Photo by Bill Proctor Convair 240

Photo by Jon Proctor   DC-6

Yes, there was time to learn our guests names, hang 
coats, have a pillow in hand along with a blanket, 
pass out magazines, hug babies, and welcome them 
again and again with the same hospitality.

Then came the beautiful Boeing 707 for us to learn 
a new way of life. 

This photo was taken by Jon Proctor  
Boeing 707


Captain Macatee

This was the day January 25, 1959

Jane put on my 
flight topper 
and helped me
serve the meal. 
So fun!
She was the 
actress in the 
movie:  Three
Guys named
She played the
AA stewardess.

Peaceful and Happy Landings
from Argie Hoskins

Flagship California design Phillip Nicholson
Gratefully for all who read this history