Wednesday, October 28, 2015


My face book friend did this presentation for me. Thanks Chad Smith!

This was the day called historical for the airline world of travel. It was January 25, 1959 from Los Angeles to New York. The picture was taken in New York at the New York International Airport which is now called the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

This is the interior of the Boeing 707. I remember that day as if it were yesterday.

Photo by Jon Proctor

Photo by Jon Proctor

Photo by Jon Proctor

Check out the ashtrays in the seat rests. Remembering how my hair was a smoke filter as I ran up and down the aisle serving our guests and feeling like I was smoking. Dear, oh dear!  I didn't smoke! I really like the headrest covers, no fear of crawling critters from these seats. All nice, clean and starched slightly for the crisp feel and look. Yes, to be changed between flights. Can you see the pillows and blankets in the overhead racks? The flights were comfortable and even with hot meals. Coat closets for the coated traveler and magazines racks with the current copy of the most popular readings which were handed out before anything. Everything for the experience to be a special memory. And for me, the stewardess who really loved to be a hospitable hostess with a touch of caring for the welcomed friends of American Airlines.

And for old times sake

So I wrote a book with some very special contributors who added a touch of class. And another month has passed.  The Weller Book Works at the Salt Lake International Airport wants me back.  It is so hard to believe that they support my book by having it stocked and displayed in the store. They like me and I am honored. 

In Terminal 1 the store has rather nice chairs where you can sit and read before or after your flight. Passengers are so nice as they hurry to their gates.  You will find me at a table in front of the store on November 27th from 8:00 til 12:30. I welcome passengers as they hurry through security on their way up the escalator  and searching for their gate. I ask them to take a look at More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets.  

Here are a few pictures from last signing on Oct. 6th. Click on picture to find a more large presentation. I was delighted to have granddaughters with me again. This time Brianna and Noel.  It is my privilege to invite guests to join me.  We are escorted through security and to the bookstore. Fun for all of us. And that reminds me that you need to be flying somewhere to get to where I am signing the books.  See you soon!