Thursday, August 16, 2012

Calling "STEWARDESSES" for a flying reflection

After a few years of other projects on my plate, I am editing and adding to my book. I plan to have it printed by Jan. 2013.  This is not a project to fund my old age. My desire is to share a time in history that is fast being forgotten. It must be reality not an illusion.
It will be exciting with the additions which I hope will include you.

If you flew in the 50s or 60s as a pilot, stewardess, passenger or ground service, I would really like to include a reflection from you. This is not just about me!  It is about American Airlines with their well trained Stewardesses with a history of dedication and commitment to an industry that was exciting to step into  from props to jets.

Please let me hear from you! or reply with a comment.