Saturday, October 18, 2014


I do not like to talk about myself. Really, I do not, however I do like to talk about my book:  More Than a Ticket.  And why do I like to talk about the book?  There is not a word in it that is not valued by me.  Every time I wrote text and selected the pictures, I pondered and looked for inspiration to choose the right words and pictures to tell the story. There are themes that run through the book: family relationships, education, employment, validation, patriotism, message to the young, religion, and it is all tied together with the cement of the work ethic.  And as Daddy would say, "Sis, get up and amount to something!"

As you read the book and it becomes your friend, just know that I would like to be traveling where the book goes to also be making new friends. Let me know how you like the book:

More Than a Ticket   Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets 

Authored by Argie Ella Hoskins

Cover: The new Boeing 707 Jet. This book welcomes the reader with snapshots during the golden age of flying from carrying mail to a time when excited passengers were treated as guests and everyone dressed in their Sunday best to board American Airlines. It is engaging and appreciated.We served the flying public with much, much "More Than a Ticket." We had time to hang coats, learn names, have a conversation, serve a delicious meal and hold babies. You will feel the excitement of times gone by and get a glimpse of how the atmosphere of air travel has changed through the years. The drama of time has created a different picture.

Part one: "My Life as a Stewardess," takes the reader on a journey with a shy country girl to the city, but she is still a country girl as she becomes a confident stewardess serving all passengers, including the rich and famous, making everyone feel at home. How did she do it? Part two: "On Wings of Time," features short stories from AA stewardesses, pilots, flight engineers, and passengers. The young and old, casual readers and aviation enthusiasts will be delighted with memoirs.
Stewardess Argie, "Am I cut out for this job?" “They say I am Dyslexic.” "Make friends with your cognitive gifts." (Stewardess on Boeing 707 jet inaugural flight and also did public relations for AA.)

I have dedicated these words with love and respect to my flying friends. An expression of appreciation for the community of American Airlines.

Somewhere in the clouds of time, we met, embraced, and parted. Moments remembered from here to eternity. —Argie 

More Than a Ticket

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More Than a Ticket
Memoirs Flying with American Airlines

from Props to Jets 

Both casual readers and aviation enthusiasts 
will be delighted with this read through 
the Golden Age of flying from carrying mail, 
and later passengers dressed up and excited 
to board American Airlines. 

Charities to receive % of profit:
The National MPS Society
Acacia Shade, Children with Disabilities in Ghana

Orton Dyslexia Society
National Kiwi Fund LDS Humanitarian Fund
"No one has ever become poor by giving."
 — Anne Frank 

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