Sunday, January 26, 2014


The year was 1959 on the 25th of January. The air was filled with excitement as American Airlines was introducing their Boeing 707 to the world of travel.  Stewardess Argie Hoskins has written a book:  More Than a Ticket   From Props to Jets    It will be printed by March 2014.  Look for the address where you can buy the book.  That information will be posted as soon as the date is known. It will be a delight to read.   Any questions:
Thanks for stopping by to take a look at this popular site.  We love to fly. I love to watch the birds. Amazing!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The first transcontinental commercial jet trip was made by an American Airlines Boeing 707, from Los Angeles to New York.

Thank you for remembering this special day in my life and a very historical moment in time which many of us celebrate and enjoy the story of Props to Jets. Yes, Sir, I have written a book about how it was for me to be an American Airline stewardess. I have not explored the American Airline archives for information for my book. My memories and my personal memorabilia have provided the background for my experience. I wrote a book to celebrate my life as a stewardess during what I considered the Golden years of flying when passengers were special guests to be served with comfort and kindness along with style for the elect whether celebrity or not. I loved to be an American Airline stewardess. My book: More Than A Ticket From Props to Jets will be self published in or by March. Do you have any suggestions about the marketing of the book? Thank you for your interest in the First Jet Flight for American Airlines that I was pleased to enjoy and well remember the excitement. Any questions: I am looking forward to have you be delighted with a good read of the book. It will include five other AA stewardesses, three former pilots, and two former passengers. In my opinion the book is unique because it is for the general public and highlighted with the American values that made our country great. Enjoy and thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Friday, January 3, 2014

“Actions speak louder than words”

                                 Roy Jacobson's photo sent from son Curt Jacobson
                                   Courtesy from my book: More Than A Ticket
What someone does is more powerful than what someone says!  Look at Roy doing his job.

 Happy New Year! From Argie Hoskins.
Actions speak louder than words”
Edna Lawson Hoskins taught me, Argie Ella, that these few words have powerful meaning. What someone does is more important than what someone says. She would tell my brother and me this over and over and over. As you read and hear words of thoughtful presentations, please keep in mind the treasure of living the principle not just voicing the words. Yes, Mother Edna! “Actions speak louder than words”

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is my resolution, not my goal, to take a serious look at what lies within me and have “Actions speak louder than words”

As I reflect over the past year's events and contemplate the new year, I find myself grateful to all my blog visitors who have read my words which has given you a snapshot of a message which my heart says share. The heart and mind are wonderful tools for telling stories.

My book: More Than A Ticket    From Props to Jets will be ready for a read early this year. This wonderful book will touch a time when flying was Golden. For a continued update you can email:  At this moment, I will have the book in two sizes. There will be a paperback 6x9 and an 8x11 full color hardback. I will have many photos and stories throughout the book. It is with excitement that my blog has morphed into a book. I do not know the prices of the two book because I am uncertain of the number of pages. The editor is doing a great job and I will soon bring you good news. The Book is Finished! With your email address, I can mail you the details as soon as I have the cost. My goal with this book is not to make money, just cover expenses. If I find that I have a few dollars over, one of my intentions is to help an orphanage in Africa which is for disabled children. One of my grandsons had a disabling condition of which he passed away, thus my tender heart for disabled children. To learn about Brigham, you can visit my blog: Brigham Reneer

Hoping to hear from you soon. I have had many people wanting this book: More Than A Ticket  so this project will keep me out of trouble for a while.  Details later.