Thursday, August 27, 2015


As I reminisce, I keep coming back to Margaret Bassetti. I have had several book signings and my last was another signing at the Salt Lake Airport for my book "More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets," however none have been as touching as my first book signing with Margaret Bassetti.  You might say that this post is a picture scrapbook with a picture worth a whole bunch of words. My desire is that it highlights how  an American Airlines' passenger can become a wonderful friend. Margaret was on my Jan. 25, 1959 Inaugural Flight from Los Angeles to New York, Margaret as a passenger and I as her stewardess. Positive relationships are key to having a friendship. Stewardesses were trained to think of others with a smile, magazine, pillow, blanket, and the spirit of how can I help make your life comfortable. Think of her as your mother.


              Passenger Margaret Bassetti became a dear friend.

Memorial coin from the first Boeing 707 Jet Flight. Margaret made her coin into a necklace.

Boeing 707 Inaugural Flight aircraft as it left Seattle for Los Angeles

Captain  Macatee Inaugural Flight Boeing 707

Boeing 707 first transcontinental jet nonstop trip - crew

Passenger Margaret on the Inaugural Flight

Thank you Margaret for being a very special part of my life.