Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

As I sit here thinking about life, I am reminded that my life has always known the fine acting of the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. She is four years my senior. The first movie that I remember and loved was "National Velvet" which nurtured a love for horses that remains in my heart.  Another movie was "Little Women" with the history that threaded through my own family history and a desire to know more about that given period of time. "Raintree County" turned on the emotions of love and tenderness.  While I was flying as a stewardess in the '50s, I was aware of her continued skill as an actress and always wished that she had been on one of my flights. It is with gratitude and appreciation from my heart that I have experienced  and enjoyed  Elizabeth Taylor as she contributed in the field of acting during the period of time in which I have lived.

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