Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets BOOK TALK

Last week, I walked into Barnes & Noble to see if their catalog had listed my book:  More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets. 
After asking, the clerk said, "We have the book on our shelves."  Really!

I almost lost my balance.  My book in Barnes & Noble, it couldn't be, but there it was and it really has my name on it!  This is in Orem, Utah. If the book is not on the shelve, they will order it, no matter where the store is located.

I did another Book Talk yesterday with a terrific group called ElderQuest. So impressed with their energy and bright minds to serve the community and continue their education. 

Yesterday, I met two ladies who had flown with Pan Am and a United stewardess as they sat sharing bits of their stories. Many teachers were in the crowd who shared my adventure as a teacher.  This journey of Book Talk has made new friends and when I was invited to speak in a home setting a while ago, I found a friend from the 60s, now retired and wow another thrill.
My path has taken me into groups who are making my book their friend. Sometimes, it has been more than a signing, but actually having a conversation about the culture of the 50s and 60s of airline travel. 

When asked to speak, I wonder what I am going to say in a different way than before, however the group seems to guide me along with their interest while sharing and asking questions. At first, I was not comfortable with questions, but now it is super because I know what people are really interested in hearing about from an old stewardess. Great time! 

Perhaps it is just to see how many wrinkles I have after all the years of living. I have not disappointed them. Yes and for a weight check, also. 

This dear lady, Julia has arranged for me to do the Book Talk twice. Having read and reread, she has been a great supporter for sharing the book.

The book: More Than a Ticket by Argie Hoskins
Book stores and online retailers   Ingram 1-615-793-5000


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