Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Good Morning and have a great day exploring your world of adventures. Life isn't boring! Our minds can create more than  movies can create. Create a happy dream and live it when the door opens because the door will close. However, push the door open! Enjoy!  
I am sharing some pictures from a "Home Talk Story" about my book: More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets.

"Home Talk Story" January 11, 2016


 "Home Talk Story" January 11, 2016

 "Home Talk Story" January 11, 2016

Pictures from January 25, 2016  Signing my book:
More Than a Ticket  Memoirs Flying with American
Airlines from Props to Jets.



I am excited to be at the Salt Lake International airport on the 11th of March 2016 to sign my book: More Than a Ticket Memoirs Flying with American Airlines from Props to Jets. As you come through Terminal 1, the Weller Book Works will greet you. I will be there from 8:00 am til 12:00 noon. I will welcome you with a smile and share my book.

And I am excited to be able to do another "Home Talk Story" on the 10th of March. Thank you!

Here is a little something from the book:

Lt. Colonel Tony Vallillo began flying with the United States Air Force in 1971 as a student flying T41, T-37 and T-38 trainers. He spent much of his military career as Pilot and Commander of the C-141A Straighter and C-5 Galaxy with Worldwide Airlift Operations for Military Airlift Command. Tony has extensive military flying experience in Europe, the Pacific, South America, Africa and the Middle East including active duty in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
Captain Tony Vallillo spent his entire 31 year commercial career with American Airlines, starting out as Flight Engineer on the B-707 and B-727 and quickly advancing to First Officer and Captain. Tony then became Chief Pilot for the JFK Base where he was in charge of over 600 flight crew members, and also Flight Manager of the American Terminal and Ramp. While at JFK he planned and participated in the design and construction of the new flight operations complex. Tony moved on to become Line Captain on the A300 and B-767/757 primarily flying international routes ranging through Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and the Pacific. Captain Vallillo retired from American in 2008.
The combined length of Tony's Air Force and airline career, and they had considerable overlap – was more or less 41 years. I was in the USAF Reserves for 23 of my 31 years with AA.
The contributors for the book are "What American Airlines does best."



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